Earn From Your Blog (Traffic doesn't matter) - Monetize your Blog

Earn From Your Blog (Traffic doesn't matter) - Monetize your Blog

You may have got idea about this article. But also this is my responsibility to make you clear incase if you have some confusion from the heading. Alright, Let us consider you have a blog website and you want to make money from it. But the problem is that you are not getting as much traffic as you want. On the other hand you have also applied for the Google Adsense but got rejected very badly.

Don't worry even you donot have enough traffic, you can make money either, all you need is a blog and lot's of content. Here i have mentioned some ads network company name. With the help of them you can monetize your blog. So, without any further delay let's dive into it.

Here are the List :-

  1. Adsterra
  2. Adcash
  3. Exoclick
  4. MGID
  5. Popads
  6. Propellerads

1) Adsterra


Adsterra is a premium advertising network that serves over 25 billion geo-targeted ad impression every month. Adsterra  is not only available for your blog website but also it is available for your mobile apps. Here i've mentioned the ad format provided by adsterra. They are : Display Banners that include Leader Board, Rectangle and Skyscrapper. Except these some other format are also included such as popunders, Direct links, Pre-roll video, Push notifications and Interstitials.

Now let's talk about it's payment system. Minimum Payout is $50 and payment could be done from paypal, bitcoin, epayments, paxum, webmoney, wire transfer.

2) Adcash


Adcash is another online advertising platform for ad networks, affiliate, publishers and media buyers. Some ad format provided by this platform is mentioned here. They are Push Notifications, Pop Under, Interstitial, Native and Banner. This platform is founded by a team of french entrepreneurs in 2007. With the help of this platform you can easily and effectively monetize your products and grow your business.

Payment method includes bank wire transfer, paypal, payoneer, skrill, webmoney, bitcoin. Minimum threshold is 25 USD or EUR.

3) Exoclick


Exoclick is another innovative ad company. Some ad format provided by this platform is push, email, video, pop under, interstitial, native, banner, IM and direct. This is another best alternative for publishers, advertisers and affiliate marketers. The minimum payout of this platform for publishers is 20 Euro and the payment menthod are paypal and wire transfer.



This is the another native advertising platform. Unlike you donot need to have lot of traffic to get approval from this platform. Rather you need to have some content and few traffic and then you'll get approved. The minimum threshold of this platform is $100 and it's payment method are paypal, payoneer and bank transfer.

Note : Minimum threshold for paypal and payoneer is $ 100 whereas minimum threshold for bank transfer is different which is equal to $ 1000.

5) PopAds


Popads might be the one you are searching for, because they offer industry high rates and best international coverage. You can request you money anytime you want. All your earnings are usually deposited in a kind of wallet so that you can also buy popads traffic for your website to increase your revenue. Otherwise you can have your earnings in your paypal or payalert within 24 hours of period.

6) Propellerads


Another best advertising platform is propellerads. They provide automated ad optimization, fraud prevention and self serve platform. They have over 1 billion user. Some of the ad format provided by them are push notifications, onclick ads, native ads and native interestitials. One of the platform for advertisers, publishers and affiliate marketers. They have also partnered with some of the big companies. some of them are RedTrack, snapdeal, peerclick, mundo and mob vista.

Minimum threshold of this platform is $100 and their payment method includes epayments, payoneer, bank transfer, paypay, skrill, webmoney z or wire transfer.

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