Can we use Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliate and Info links in a single Blog?

In a single word, yes, we can use Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliate and info links in a Single Blog. As soon as we create a Blog that is for we wants to earn from it in a different possible way.  

Express or not Google Adsense is our first choice. There is no any objection if you want to use Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliate and Info Links together in your Blog at a same time.  

Just to avoid the conflicts with certain links and products you can read the second media policy page.   If your intentions are clear of not violating adsense policies then you can easily place Amazon Affiliate links or info links next to the Google Adsense links. 

Make sure the color and format of any Ad links that you are selecting from Amazon or Google or Infolinks need to be different enough from each other to determine which one is Adsense Ad or Amazon Ad or Infolinks Ad.

In addition, Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliate and infolinks or any other Ad Network have their own Ad Policies which is different from each other. So, it would be a perfection if you go through them atleast once.

In my opinion never use too much ad in your blog. This will break the user interface of your Blog. Don't use info links in your blog because this is the most annoying Ad network i have ever used. Infolinks create lots of unknown links and pop-up ads will appear on your blog. This will decrease the traffic of your blog.

If you have good Affiliate related contents in your Blog then keep it because once you start earning from Affiliate then you going to love it. Otherwise, if you want to keep Google Adsense Ad on your Blog then use it only if you are getting tons of traffic in a daily stats.

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